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British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) Bias and Psychological mind games.

British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) Bias and Psychological mind games.[youtube

BBC Bias against Scottish Independence reported on Russia’s Today News Program.

Propaganda is not something that you would expect from a state owned broadcaster in this day and age. One would only have to look back to Nicolae Ceausescu’s last speech in the 21st of December 1989 Romania and realise that people will eventually stop sucking Brain Taylor’s teat(s) (depending on how hungry one is – although one can only presume that full fat milk is the only option here – judging a book by it’s cover of course). There seems to be somewhat of a dichotomy when the nation is being forced to believe that there is an obesity problem; but that, there is ‘no’ option other than sucking Brain Taylor’s malnutritional, calorifical full fat milk, paying for it, and becoming ill from misinformation being espoused from the top of the hierarchical pyramidal unionists to the bottom feeders, who are left to clean up a long brown stain of lies.


We all love the word ‘reform’. Which essentially and ultimately means changing a corporation from being state owned to becoming a privatised money chugger for the people in power. BBC does not need reform, ….it needs to be stopped and we need to see an abolishment of the TV license fee.

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